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We organize seminars, workshops, masterclasses and courses given by experienced professionals.

Our courses, classes and workshops include disciplines such as screenwriting, directing, film producing, cinematography, film analysis, editing, lighting, sound and short film making to name just a few.

The school workshops and courses are for anyone that want to start or keep learning the craft of filmmaker (beginner, medium and advance level). You will find courses on general and very specifics topics (scriptwriting, production, editing, camera, sound, music, cinematography, acting, directing, equipment and more).Our philosophy is learn by doing. There will be a theoric part in every course but practicing the theory it’s the main goal. The price includes all the material needed, so you will only need to bring the best attitude to enjoy and learn.
  • Philosophy in film

    by Jordi Rubio
    3 Lessons

    This course is a virtual seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art, with an emphasis on the ways in which it creates meaning through techniques that define a formal structure. There is a particular focus on aesthetic problems about appearance and reality, literary and visual effects, communication and alienation through film technology.